Garry and Janine Carson… more on them in a minute!

First up, a few follow ups on broken wands from last week. WGN Radio has audio posted of their remembrances of Marshall Brodien and the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Digital Journal look at the life of Johnny Thompson.

We have unfortunately also learned magic dealer and creator Steve Dusheck, perhaps best known for Wunderbar, passed away last Friday. It has been a rough few days for the magic community and Steve will be missed by many!

The Sun has a very disturbing story about a man convicted for sexually assaulting a female magician during her act at an Essex theme park.

Finally, in much brighter news, the Carsons will be performing in Neosho, Missouri this Saturday night in a fundraiser for the Neosho Rotary Club and the New-Mac Court Appointed Special Advocates (who act as a voice for children in the legal system). The Carsons, who’ve appeared multiple times on Masters of Illusion, have waived their fees for the show. Read more in the Joplin Globe and the Neosho Daily News.