Born on this day (March 24) in 1874, Harry Houdini is still the most recognized name in magic even though he died almost a century ago. We think Houdini would have been thrilled to realize he was still dominating magic after all these years!

The footage above is not a “real” escape but footage from one of his movie serials… do not forget, Houdini was a real star who made movies, printed dozens of articles (mainly ghostwritten by others, but that was a widely accepted practice at the time) and performed live. In fact, to continue celebrating Houdini’s birthday you may want to check out Under the Pyramids, an article where Houdini tells the true tale (or maybe that should be tall tale) of spending the night in an Egyptian pyramid. It was actually penned by famed pulp horror author HP Lovecraft and you can read the text on this site dedicated to Lovecraft’s works.