From Ireland’s Got Talent comes this clip of 9 year old Aidan McCann impressing the judges with his magic act in the audition round over the weekend.

We haven’t seen Fox’s The Masked Singer, but several people have asked us about former child performers who started as magicians… we pretty much assumed this had to be Neil Patrick Harris and Newsweek has come to the same conclusion.

Finally, the Detroit Free Press reports Larry Thompson, who portrayed Mr. Whoodini on the Detroit area show Bozo’s Big Top during the 1970s, passed away at the age of 76 last week. In addition to being a performing magician he was a teacher and ran a company promoting educational school assemblies. We found a complete 1975 episode of Bozo’s Big Top with Larry playing Mr. Whoodini posted on YouTube by someone who attended that very taping as a child. You can see it here.