Great news from Broadway World, who reports the Baltimore Academy of Magic is expanding its programs. reports Monty Python alum Eric Idle accidentally arrived a week early for Ricky Jay’s memorial.

The Las Vegas Sun recaps everything going on in Vegas magic shows, from KISS legend Paul Stanley visiting Criss Angel to a discount code celebrating the anniversary of Adam London’s Laughternoon show and more.

The Chicago Tribune website has the Franklin Park Herald-Journal’s feature on Midwest Magic, an Illinois brick and mortar magic shop which claims to be the largest in the world, from earlier this month.

Finally, we try to keep things positive on iTricks, but some of the bitter legal dispute between software company Gearbox (the folks behind Borderlands) and its former general counsel Wade Callender is spilling over into the magic world. Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s CEO, is heavily involved in the magic community and owns Genii Magazine. Some of the R-rated allegations being made against Pitchford by Callender (as detailed in this Ars Technica article) somehow stray into magic and the article even cites statements Pitchford made on a recent episode of Piff the Magic Dragon’s podcast The Piff Pod.