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After over 100 lessons the end of 2018 also saw the end of Dan Harlan’s massive undertaking to create video lessons for the Tarbell Course In Magic. I have subscribed to Tarbell: Every Trick In The Book since the beginning and I can honestly say I think the course will help you not only to become a magician but to also become a better magician. You can get the entire course (or ala cart lessons) over on Penguin Magic, who is not compensating iTricks or me for my recommendation. It would be helpful to have the entire Tarbell Course In Magic series of books, but honestly it is not mandatory and since Dan followed the course books chapter by chapter you only need Volume One to get started. If your New Year resolution involves becoming a better magician, whether a day one beginner or a grizzled old performer, I suggest you give Every Trick In The Book a serious look.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project, particularly Dan for being crazy enough to take it on. Way back in 2014 we talked to Dan about starting Tarbell Every Trick In The Book and you can still hear (or download) that interview here.