Mercedes-Benz Benchmark Cars, the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in India, posted this video with highlights of a recent performance by Jonathan David Bass in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which the dealership sponsored.

Broadway World has details on a show a bit closer to home for many iTricksters, Randy Masters’ one day stand at the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC.

Derren Brown spoke to Digital Spy about his upcoming Netflix special Sacrifice and more.

Finally, Recently Heard has a terrible article on the top seven (not sure of their criteria) Hollywood movies about magic and illusion. It starts off well enough with The Prestige and The Illusionist before veering sharply into fantasy magic with Spirited Away, the Harry Potter series (aren’t there like eight of those alone?), Doctor Strange, before returning to magic and illusion with Now You See Me (but only the first one) and Houdini (the Tony Curtis biopic, even though they post the trailer for the History Channel movie from a couple years ago). It is kind of good for a laugh.