Manu Mankombu performing a fire escape in 2016.

Aaron Crow was eliminated from America’s Got Talent last night so unless there is some kind of wild card action bringing back Rob Lake or the Sacred Riana (who was just on an Indonesian talk show, so that seems a bit unlikely) Shin Lim will be the only magician left standing for the finals.

Lots of Vegas news today, starting with a Las Vegas Journal Review article on the Amazing Johnathan, who just turned 60 and, despite some rather dire medical problems, is healthy enough to be back on the road.

Vegas News covers Linq headliner Mat Franco’s third annual pet supply drive for The Animal Foundation.

Vegas News also has a piece on Mac King’s four year extension at Harrah’s.

Finally, the New Indian Express looks at the situation faced by magician Manu Mankombu, who saved over sixty people with his personal boat when flooding hit his home town but lost all of his valuable props. Many performers have lost their livelihoods due to the disaster and Manu Mankombu is leading protests to draw attention to their cause.