Shin Lim kicked off magic on America’s Got Talent with an amazing performance and it looked like that was it for the night, at least for magic, then, in the second to last act The Sacred Riana (a past winner of Asia’s Got Talent) hit the stage!

As you may remember, Riana won Asia’s Got Talent 2017. I have already talked to some folks in magic who think a winner of a Got Talent franchise show shouldn’t be allowed to compete on another series. I figure they do not require contestants to be from the country they are competing in and they let acts who have competed on (and even won) unrelated shows to compete and ultimately, it is the viewing audience who will determine the winner. But I am also kind of biased because I absolutely love The Sacred Riana. What do y’all think?

The Magic Castle is heading to China… well, kind of. According to an article in Variety, the Magic Castle has signed a licensing deal with the Novaex Group for venues in China. eGlobal Travel Media has a bit more information on Novaex’s plans, which include an educational facility.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on the Copperfield trial as jury deliberations finally began yesterday.