Friday night’s Vegas Strong performance in support of Las Vegas shooting victims included Penn and Teller and David Copperfield. The video above was released as part of a press package on the show, which you can read and see on

Alright: I admit it. Sometimes I am a little slow to pick up a story because the Magic Bulletin is written the night before it appears (I am not up at 5 AM Eastern crafting the magic news… sorry to destroy the illusion). Sometimes, though, it is because the story is from half a world away, like these articles on Indonesian escape artist and America’s Got Talent contestant Demian Aditya. First, the Jakarta Post reports Aditya’s stunt double was injured last Wednesday during a locally televised performance. Since then Aditya has released a statement, also covered by the Jakarta Post.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer spotlights Magical Bones as the Impossible show continues to play in the Philippines.

Finally, Fansided spoke with Michael Grandinetti about the Masters of Illusion Christmas Magic special and his upcoming tour. Remember, you can catch the show (or recent episodes of P&T: Fool Us) streaming on The CW website or when it is rebroadcast Monday, December 18.