Today’s lead off video is announcing a new, free online magic… school? Maybe more like magic’s version of the Learning Annex. Check out what Magician Masterclass is all about over at their official website. Michael Close is involved (obviously) and we know that Ryan Joyce is involved as well.

Speaking of awesome, free magic: the new Vanish Magazine is out. Erica Vanlee graces the cover but inside you’ll find an article on the efforts to turn Robert Klamm’s biography into a feature film. Full disclosure: I wrote that article. Download Vanish for free over at their website.

The Bristol Observer caught up with Mat Franco recently while Darcy Oake is the subject of a Saturday Star interview.

Finally, Neil Patrick Harris continues to make the rounds promoting The Magic Misfits (his new book) and Closer Magazine tries to figure out if there is anything he can’t do.