Today’s lead off video is from Mark James, who posted this clip of his Magic Castle performance over on Vimeo. According to the title, this is how he opened his performance.

Looking for a snarky, kind of obnoxious article exposing magic secrets? is here to help.

Looking for a kids’ read about Houdini and his war against spiritualism? Check out this interview with Deborah Noyes on The Horn Book. Her new book is The Magician and the Spirits: Harry Houdini and the Curious Pastime of Communicating with the Dead (for ages 11-14) and appears to be out now.

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The Caravan is featuring a profile of illusionist and magic teacher Samala Venu on its site.

The Chicago Tribune has a story on Jim Munroe’s recent appearance at Judson university to talk about his recovery from leukemia, which he considers a miracle.

Finally, need a Debbie McGee/Strictly Come Dancing fix? The Express reports on her night in the West End.