That incredibly brief video to start off our day is of Max Malini, one of the greatest impromptu magicians ever. Footage of Malini, who died in 1942, is almost non-existent but you can learn a bit about him in this article from The Garden Island, the website for Kaua’i's newspaper.

We have some radio for you today… don’t worry, magic is great for the radio!

First up we have a two part radio interview with Patriot’s magician John Logan the Bangor Daily News and 92.9 FM. All together, it is about 10 minutes of audio.

Coming up later this week on the radio, WGTD’s The Morning Show will feature professional magician (and assistant professor of psychological science at Carthage College) Anthony Barnhart on Thursday. The program runs between 8 and 9 AM Central; you can stream it live over on the WGTD website.

This isn’t magic but check it out: we keep an eye on the guests appearing on the Antenna TV broadcasts of Johnny Carson for classic magic performances. None on tap, but coming up this Saturday is a 1977 appearance by astronomer Carl Sagan. Check you local listings.

Finally, if you are wondering how Debbie McGee is doing on Strictly Come Dancing, she survived the first elimination and, according to this Birmingham Mail article via MSN, at least one former competitor picks her as this season’s winner.