We’re opening up today with Colin Cloud’s performance last night on America’s Got Talent. He really went out of his way with the reveals…! We’ll find out if he advances to the next round (or if magic is completely eliminated from this year’s competition) tonight.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! If you are reading this before 7:00 AM Eastern Time you can still vote over at NBC’s site. Save magic!

Over in Korea, the fall out from the botched magic trick performed by Jinsol and Choi Hyun Woo continues and Choi Hyun Woo is being very diplomatic about the situation. According to this statement reprinted on the All K Pop site he is asking for everyone to forgive Jinsol.

Siegfried Tieber is getting more attention in LA ahead of his new show (which opens tomorrow; details here). This time it is the LA Downtown News with a feature on the close up magician.

Real quick: happy birthday PZ!

Finally, Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Review-Journal column yesterday was full of magician mentions, including McBride’s recent Fool Us appearance, Eugene Burger’s passing and news of Criss Angel’s most recent (giant) donation to fight pediatric cancer.