The CW has released a new commercial to promote the new season of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, coming to your TV Thursday, July 13.

On several Asian news websites we saw reports of a “street magician” in Chengdu, China using magic tricks to put himself in a position to grope women. He was arrested. You can read coverage on the Korea Boo site.

Last week we shared a clip of Jason Fun promoting Utah’s Art of Magic Festival; the Daily Herald site has coverage of the event.

Head over to the NFL’s YouTube page to see Michael Rangel messing with some rookies.

I don’t know if you will see any magic, but The Gong Show returns to TV this Thursday on ABC and magic (good or bad) seems like a natural fit. Read more from The New York Post.

The Digital Journal says that the best magic show in 2017 is Derren Brown’s Secret, currently playing in Manhattan.

Finally, takes a look at “Magician Trade Magazines From The 1940s – 1980s.” It is interesting and funny… and I have some of those magazines!