We’re opening today with a KTLA news story on a young lady who almost choked on a coin trying to emulate magic she saw on YouTube. All you social media magicians: please think about what you are presenting and who might be watching you. Material for kid show performers always points out that you should never put anything in your mouth, ear or eyes… or even appear to do something like that. You can read more about Morgan’s story on the Daily Mail site.

Also from the Daily Mail: details on the sentence for a magician convicted of assaulting his girlfriend. The Evening Standard has coverage as well.

We pointed out that this Sunday’s episode of Elementary will feature magic earlier this week; it seems like the next episode of Midsomer Murders in some markets. Check your local PBS station to see if they are airing an episode titled The Magician’s Nephew this week.

Finally, the magic thriller Sleight is working its way into theaters; Movie Pilot just profiled of some of the key people involved.