Easter is this weekend so some of your favorite YouTube magicians are putting out Easter prank videos. Jay Sankey, as seen above, has an actual Easter themed magic tutorial. Rich Ferguson goes the prank route and ranges from nice little bunny ears to things that will get someone mad at you! Evan Era goes with pranks, too, but also brings the sponge bunnies into the mix and takes the time to teach some sleight of hand and some low grade mentalism in his 16 minute video.

Hey, while we are on the subject of Easter, can I just get on the soapbox for a minute and beg all y’all iTricksters not to give anyone a live bunny or chick unless they are 100% committed to owning the animal as a pet? Also, for those of you magicians looking to add a rabbit or chicken (or even duck) to your act start doing the necessary research now because in about two months your local animal shelters will be overflowing!