Just a couple of quick news pieces this morning as we warm up for a big weekend! We are almost to St. Patricks day and around iTricks Tower Midwest Spring Break is about to start and it hasn’t snowed it at least two days! That means summer, and America’s Got Talent, is coming… and our lead video is Cody Prophet in a clip he posted on YouTube marked as part of an AGT audition package.

First up, from the Manchester Evening News via Yahoo, comes news that a 16 year old busking magician had his custom made and self designed top hat stolen right off his head as he waited to perform. Check out pictures of the hat here.

The Washington Post visited Dorothy Dietrich and the Houdini Museum in Scranton; expect a few more Houdini stories as we approach his birthday next week.

Finally, the New York Times Magazine ran a nice feature on “the magician who wants to break magic.” You probably know him as Derek DelGaudio.