The video above is, as some of you will no doubt recognize, a montage of the three different openings used on the 1973 series The Magician, starring Bill Bixby. It followed Tony Blake, internationally famous and terribly successful stage illusionist, as he solved crimes either from his jet or his bachelor pad at the Magic Castle. In recent years it is probably best known as the answer to the trivia question “What television show was The X-Files‘ Fox Mulder watching when his sister mysteriously disappeared?”

We lead with The Magician today because Bruce Lansbury, creator of the show and brother of Angela Lansbury, passed away on Monday. Lansbury also produced Murder, She Wrote and helped to develop iconic shows such as Happy Days and The Brady Bunch. Read more about on the NY Daily News site.

Not much else to report today except Deadline has announced that in addition to the casting news from earlier in the week, the ABC pilot Deception has added Ilfenesh Hadera to the cast as a second FBI agent.

Finally: I just realized that since I have been sick, I completely missed everything coming out of Blackpool! Anybody have any good videos or stories? Send’em my way!