Jason Bishop and Gizmo visited NBC’s Today last Friday to perform for Al Roker, Tamron Hall and Jordan Sparks. He is opening in New York later this week at the Victory Theater.

Let’s start the day (and week) off with some good news. David Blaine’s new special Beyond Magic is on ABC tomorrow night, 10 PM Eastern but check your local listings just to be sure. Keep that in mind while we go through some more depressing stories.

Mark Beltran, the magician attacked with a bottle in Dublin last September, spoke to The Irish Independent about his life after assault (which you can read on MSN News). Mark is blind in one eye and says the the attackers destroyed his life.

The Sunderland Echo has CCTV footage of the drunk who threw 73 year old street magician Alfred Hill’s prop into a river in an attempt to identify and apprehend the man.

Fabaloo, a website on 3D printing, has a story (with comments) about 17 year old student Tom Taylor, who was killed when his 3D printing project and flash paper ignited.

Finally, a story to warm your heart a bit: New Hampshire’s Make-A-Wish helped 8 year old Seth Jones realize his dream of being a magician by arranging for him and his brother to perform at the kick-off of the Macy’s Believe campaign, which contributes to Make-A-Wish. Read more on the Seacoast Online website.