Criss Angel’s new special Trick’d Up was last night and I forgot to remind you yesterday. I am sorry; to be honest I am still knee deep in moving iTricks Tower Midwest and do not have access to pay TV at the moment so it totally slipped my mind. I will probably catch a re-broadcast this Saturday afternoon (when I can visit my TV… and family). Check you local listings for times, but according to TV Guide it is going to be on at 3:00 PM Central. I imagine there will be more airings before Halloween.

The Slammer is about to get demolished… and a newly blonde Penn is filming its destruction as part of a new film project. Details over on Robin Leach’s Review-Journal column site.

More coverage of the new documentary about Carisa Hendrix, this time from CBC News. There is also some streaming audio on the page to check out.

Finally, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over these clown sightings. Someone is going to get hurt if it continues, but part of me is going to have a hard time feeling sorry for some idiot running around in the middle of the night wearing a Pennywise outfit and waving a meat cleaver (even a fake meat cleaver). In a rather sad story from the Liverpool Echo (by way of MSN), an elderly man saw a group of people gathered to watch a street magician and, reportedly believing them to be clowns, attacked a woman.