Let’s just get weird. We are kicking off the week with Collier the Magician. Not familiar with Collier the Magician? He’s the pitchman for Collier’s digital learning system… YouTube user Databits recently found this pitch for the encyclopedia’s attempt at breaking into the multimedia market at a thrift store. He describes it as “rad.”

If you are an iTrickster with a technical side, look up the Phillips CD-i system (Phillips actually invented this system although several groups made them). It has an interesting history, particularly when it came to gaming and its adult titles!

Not much news today. The biggest (and probably saddest) story is about tension between Paul Daniels’ son and widow over the estate. You can read more on The Mirror’s site.

The big news coming out of Seth Rogen’s Hilarity For Charity fundraiser this weekend was apparently that someone bought Snoop Dogg’s blunt for a grand. However, check The Commercial Appeal’s coverage and you will spot Justin Willman and wife in their slideshow of best costumes.

Finally, the New York Times recently took a look at the three card monte and one of its modern day practitioners… with commentary from Penn Jillette.