We are kicking off today with Magical Bones mystifying the guys at a boxing gym; this is from Bones’ Vimeo account but we’re guessing it is originally from a special.

Speaking of gyms, the gungfu gym I was planning on checking out near iTricks Tower Midwest 2.0 had been torn down last time I was on that side of the state… If anyone knows a good boxing/MMA/kickboxing/gungfu gym in the Kansas City area (preferably on the Missouri side) give em a shout!

We have featured Carisa Hendrix a time or two on iTricks and just learned there is a new documentary, titled Girl On Fire, about the fire eating magician. Read all about it in this Calgary Herald article on Canada.com.

Derren Brown has upset viewers again with his latest special Miracle… all he did was get someone to eat glass. Read all about the dust up on The Mirror site (with video).

The Clanton Advertiser, out of Clanton, Alabama, takes a look at the Magic Valley meeting of magicians over the weekend.

Finally SouthFlorida.com chatted with Jeff Hobson about upcoming performances of The Illusionists. The best part is that they are officially branded The Avengers of magic in the headline! Even a DC guy like me has to admit that is cool.