The latest video from Murray SawChuck features his top three magic tricks to play on cops… Police officers must be way more laid back in Vegas than they are around iTricks Tower Midwest!

Be warned: there is a good deal of disturbing news this morning. From Pinas Trending comes news that Filipino magician Magic Mark Beltran was attacked in Dublin, Ireland and may lose site in one eye after being hit with a beer bottle.

The Chicago Tribune took a look at troubled history of Jon Dorenbos and his love of magic over the weekend. Even before his time on America’s Got Talent, Jon has been an incredible ambassador for magic.

You undoubtedly heard about the explosion in Chelsea, NYC this weekend that injured 29. New York Daily News coverage included speaking with nearby resident David Blaine.

On the brighter side of New York, The Times has a regular feature on how certain residents spend their Sunday and this week’s subject was magician Dan White.

Dynamo was at the F1 race in Singapore this weekend according to ESPN.

The Post and Courier profiled comic and actor Hannibal Burress over the weekend; they did not elaborate but stated that he was also a poker dealer and magician.

Finally, Travis Nye and Ztonish have an upcoming magic show… and part of the promotion involves Nye laying a a bed of nails for 24 hours. Not good enough? Well, visit KDLT’s website to catch video of meteorologist Blaise Keller standing on Nye while doing the weather.