We are leading off today with an appeal from Brian M. Kehoe to support a new Baltimore production he is involved in called Hoax. If you want to help, check out the support campaign here.

Lots of quick bits in today’s news. Let’s start with Comic-Con and Lionsgate announcing a new streaming content platform called Comic Con HQ. There will be the comic and convention stuff you expect, alum of the old G4/TechTv network but there will also be a show looking at cutting edge tech with Jason Latimore called Impossible Science. More details on ComicBook.com.

The RadioTimes chats with Stephan Mangan ahead of his turn in the new series Houdini and Doyle (he’s Houdini).

Franklin County’s Daily Bulldog has a piece on local third graders mystified by a magician. We usually do not cover these stories, but in this case the magician, Alex Hupp, caught our attention. He is a fifth grader!

The Lancashire Telegraph ran a story to help promote the Blackburn and District Society of Magicians’ open invitation for kids to come learn magic.

Birmingham Mail reports Dynamo visited a local chip shop… There is video but it didn’t work for us.

Finally, People has an exclusive look at another Now You See Me 2 character poster.