Today’s lead off video is not magic, but it is kind of cool (or terrifying; I am going with terrifying). We’re leading off with a Wired video about Google’s AlphaGo becoming the first AI to have success beating human go masters. Go (also known as weiqi in China and baiduk in Korea) may look simple but it is actually more complex than chess for a number of reasons. This pretty much means that we no longer have a chance to out-general the robot forces when the computer revolution starts.

If you are in the San Diego area later this month, stop in and check out the Houdini themed menu at the Grant Grill which is being offered up on the 24th in celebration of his birthday. Get the details over on

The Norfolk News has the details on the March Magic Break, starring Lucas Wilson and Kelly DeFilla, which will raise money for the McMaster’s Children Hospital on March 14. DeFilla, who is Wilson’s former assistant, is making her debut as a solo illusionist.

Finally, Ty Reveen is touring Canada and the NewWestminster Record has a short piece on him before his appearance at the Massey Theatre.