How do you promote your Shakespeare festival? If you are Indiana’s Bardfest you get The Amazing Berry to perform a little monologue while also performing an escape on WISH’s Indy Style.

The America’s Got Talent Live All Star tour is officially underway and over on the Chicago Tribune website you will find a quick chat with the show’s resident magician Smoothini.

Justin Impossible has opened his brick and mortar magic store in Reno. Visit Impossibles Magic Shop and Theater Tuesday through Sunday or virtually on their website.

John Henry Anderson, the Great Wizard of the North, is now helping to inform visitors about the Aberdeen city center. You can listen to a BBC Scotland report on the digital project over on the BBC website.

Finally, Ben Hanlin’s new series of Tricked includes him convincing a reality star she is going to be eaten by a bear. Read about it and other show highlights in yesterday’s Radio Times article.