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This auction offering is not magic. It is, however, cool and something I have heard about but never actually seen: a miniature novelty filmstrip projector shaped like a pistol. I have seen later versions, usually shaped like reigns, but never a pre-WWII version that looks like a regular gun.

According to the lister, the bulb works but the film advance mechanism need some love. There is potential for this to be very useful (depending on your act and personality), but you may want to switch out the bulb for a nice modern ultra bright LED. It is my understanding that the reason so few of these are around is because they had a tendency to overheat and melt the picture strips.

Bidding is open on this nifty toy from a bygone era until next Wednesday, May 20. Shipping is $9 and the bidding starts at $12.99. Get more info, see more pictures and place bids here.