The magic world tends to identify Chloé Louise Crawford as Mrs. Murray SawChuck, but that may be changing after her appearance this weekend on Britain’s Got Talent. This clip will show you the highlights of her audition, but it does not show you that she got a “YES” from not one, not two but ALL four judges, including the anti-magic biased Simon Cowell. You can read a summary of the entire episode, including the judges’ commentary on Chloé’s audition, in the Daily Mirror coverage.

iTricks was able to get this exclusive comment from Chloé on her television debut as a solo act:

Performing magic on BGT was my first time performing such a big illusion and definitely my first time performing in front of 3000 audience members and millions of viewers at home. I’ve always loved magic and have enjoyed working as an assistant, but the feeling of taking center stage and ‘wow’-ing people as a magician is definitely addictive and something I want to pursue.

There is no word yet on when she will return to the Britain’s Got Talent stage.