Viet Nam News brings us a story that reminds us that magic can be very dangerous. During a live broadcast of Viet Nam’s Got Talent Tran Tan Phat accidentally drank sulphuric acid during his act. He was performing a Russian Roulette style act with glasses of water and acid. iTricks wishes Tran Tan Phat, who received second degree burns, a speedy recovery. The video up top is of an early performance on the show; if you have a morbid desire to see the accident, it is not hard to find.

As a mini-editorial (this is Michael’s opinion and not necessarily that of, I would like to say that this last story illustrates the problem of these danger acts where a magician slams his hand into bags over spikes or drinks acid or chooses among staple guns. If you succeed it seems to me that the audience dismisses it as merely a trick. Worse yet, if you fail I think a significant percentage of the audience, especially a large television audience, will not be particularly sympathetic and decry you as an idiot for doing such a thing. These acts can be highly effective and entertaining, but I am not sure that they ever come off as magic. Just things to consider before the next time you secrete a sharpened stake under a brown paper bag or pour yourself a glass of main line drain cleaner.

In a much less serious fail on television, Kent Online is reporting that Steve Fisher, magician and dating game show contestant, did not do so well on his night out with the lovely Gabriella on Take Me Out.

The New India Express caught up with the third generation of the PC Sorcar line. Pouroosh is the grandson of the original Sorcar and, even though he has recorded an album, is quite dedicated to keeping up the reputation of what he calls the “PC Sorcar brand.”

REMINDER: The Yale School of Art’s side show exhibit is now open and they are hosting a Ricky Jay lecture tonight (January 13). You can learn more about it and their other events here.

ANOTHER REMINDER: Syfy’s new magic show Troy: Street Magic starts tonight as well; check local listings.