Murray and Lefty stopped by the studios of KTNV to talk about their new show at Planet Hollywood. The official red carpet opening was Sunday; we are still looking for a little video from it.

Kent Online is reporting that a local magician named Steve Fisher will be appearing on the ITV game show Take Me Out this week. iTricks is not familiar with this British show, as it is not on BBC America or Hulu, but based on the article’s description (A Sheppey performer will show whether he can “pull” using magic…) we are assuming it is pretty classy! Good luck, Steve.

Weird story from Discovery News for all of the stage hypnotists out there: a woman is claiming that hypnosis played a part in an alleged sexual assault in the state of Washington. Reporter Benjamin Redford also goes into some of the medical and legal views on hypnosis and if it can force a person to do things against their will.

The Shelton Herald (out of Connecticut) had a rather nice feature on local magician Bryan Lizotte yesterday. It is covers his career, his different shows and even his use of technology in magic. You can read it for yourself on their website.

The AXS Entertainment section of turned to Kansas City magician TA Hamilton for New Year’s party ideas for kids. None are specifically magical, but he does tip one bit of magic that smart parents know: set your clocks to make it midnight whenever you choose. Check out all his ideas here.