First up, if you are free this morning and reading this early enough you may be able to catch mentalist Paul Draper on The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family morning show. If you missed it today it will be re-broadcast on Friday. Check your local listings in either case…

If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area you can donate blood at Penn and Teller’s 14th Annual 13 Bloody Days of Christmas event until December 31st and receive two tickets to the boys’ show as a thank you. Get a list of locations to donate at

Speaking of Penn and Teller, they will be guests on The Late, Late Show on Friday, January 9. Host (and friend of magic) Craig Ferguson left the show last Friday, but Drew Carey will be guest-hosting that week.

Speaking of Vegas, Alex Belfield just posted an interview with Murray SawChuck, who is all set to have his official premiere at Planet Hollywood. You can listen to the 20 minute or so conversation on Alex’s YouTube page.

The Scientific American website recently posted an interesting article on visual attention by Sleights of the Mind author Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde. It is worth checking out.

The OC Weekly caught up with Justin Willman for a quick interview. You can read it online here.

Finally the Orange County Register named 11 year old magician Noah Crouse among the most influential people of 2014 due to his philanthropic work. Congratulations, Noah!