Today’s lead video is a new piece from Ben Hanlin, taken from his series Tricked. In it he ceases with Corrie Street star Kym Marsh.

Neil Patrick Harris is still promoting Gone Girl, as well as his new Choose Your Own Adventure style autobiography. He sat down with for an interview that includes his thoughts on magic and even a little name dropping (like Jim Steinmeyer). It is one of the better interviews in this most recent batch and you can read it here.

Robin Leach’s Las Vegas Sun column is reporting that the Amazing Johnathan will be one of six performers to participate in EntSpeaks. The show, from Andy Walmsley, will feature the participants walking out on a bare stage and sharing frank stories from their lives.

Dynamite is launching a new line of comic books in January featuring King Features comic strip characters including, of course, Mandrake the Magician. While not quite DC or Marvel, Dynamite is a fairly well known publisher who currently produces The Shadow comic books and will introduce a John Shaft (as in “You know that cat Shaft is a bad —”) comic later this year.

As many of you probably know, former IBM president Philip Willmarth passed away last month. His Chicago Tribune obituary is now online and can be read here.