So, normally the announcement that a magician is going to host the Oscars is going to lead off the day, and it leads off the normal news, but sorry, Neil, Ning really caught us off guard. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Harris, though. It has been a pretty big month for him!

Aceshowbiz is reporting that Ryan Gosling is now in the running to portray Houdini in the adaptation of William Kalush’s Secret Life Of Houdini.

Women24 is suggesting that magicians are a creative way to entertain at wedding receptions. They do consider it kids entertainment, though, while suggesting hiring a caricaturist for the adults. Seriously? Maybe this is a left over prejudice from my art school days (where any money earned through art was considered good and pure… unless you stooped to caricatures) but how are magicians not considered entertainment worthy of adults?