Today’s final Video Friday Halloween Edition offering breaks our rules (as did yesterday’s War of the Worlds post) because it exceeds the 15 or so minute time limit we normally set for our posts. It is a special day, though, and this is a special post that is just perfect for Halloween and iTricks. It is a full episode of The Munsters, which appears to have been legally posted, that follows Herman’s trials and tribulations when Eddie signs him up for the parent talent show. Herman wants to dance, and gets the enchanted shoes to do it, but has been signed up as a magician.

Even though The Munsters seemed to a constant presence on syndicated television throughout the 1970s and ’80s, there were only 70 episodes produced over two years. There was a feature film, Munster, Go Home, released shortly after the show ended in 1966, as well as a couple of made for TV films, an animated special and a syndicated second series, The Munsters Today, in the late 1980s (with a different cast).

iTricks wishes everyone a very happy Halloween and a great weekend.