We lead off today with the story of Michael Night, who will be sidelined from performing soon for a year while recovering from surgery. The story, from WTVG in Toledo, ran last Friday before his farewell for now show. iTricks wishes Michael the best with his surgery and hopes for a faster than expected recovery.

Vegas News is reporting that Dirk Arthur is bringing his big cats back to the Las Vegas Strip. Starting December 1 he will be playing the Starlite Theater at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. His family friendly show will be dark Fridays.

Have you seen the headlines proclaiming that extraordinary experiences may hurt relationships? According to Science Daily, this conclusion is drawn from an experiment where two groups were shown either “4 star” and “2 star” rated videos and then combined for a short discussion. Why does this make the iTricks Magic Bulletin? The videos were of street magicians!

Scientific American has a neat piece on an unsolved puzzle posed by the great Martin Gardner almost 20 years ago. Want to try your hand at it? Read about it here, maybe you will be the one to crack it!

Finally, congratulations to Scott Penrose, the new president of the Magic Circle!