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For the second day in a row we are leading with Magic on the Block because another set of interesting items have appeared on ebay. Perhaps it is just a strange coincidence, maybe it is the magic on television of late that is encouraging sellers to find magician related items or the explanation could just be the lead up to the holiday season but there are some really cool magic related collectables turning up!

While yesterday brought us a selection of items from Tom Mullica’s magic bar, today sees several items connected with the legendary John Mulholland. Long time Sphinx editor turned CIA consultant, Mulholland had one of the most fascinating careers in magic. One of our favorites pieces being offered at the moment is a card signed by Mulholland with a small bunny and hat sketch. Seen right, it is offered in an auction that runs until Tuesday (October 21) and there are people actively bidding on it. His autograph is also included on a letter to Harold Linaberry signed by the SAM Assembly #1, which also includes the signatures of notables such as Hardeen and Cardini. The asking price for it is $750 (Buy It Now) and the offering ends tonight. Finally, Oxxbridge Galleries has 29 pieces of Mulholland ephemera including letters, programs and letterhead. They can be seen here.