Our opening video this morning comes from the University of Rochester, where scientists are working on making the Romulan cloaking device a reality.

If you are worried about your new iPhone bending, you are probably even in more danger because Uri Geller believes that it is likely that the rash of bent iPhones is due the their owners awakening mind powers… You can read all about it on SlashGear.com. Luckily, damage due to Q-like mental powers is probably covered by the Apple warranty.

Neil Patrick Harris is making the rounds promoting his new film Gone Girl. He hit Letterman last night (no magic) and will be on with Seth Meyers tomorrow. I think I am out of Star Trek references. I even looked NPH up on IMDB to make sure I had not forgotten some appearance on one the shows.

The story of the magicians, puppeteers and other performers fighting to save their homes in the Kathputli artist colony located in Delhi is told in the documentary Tomorrow We Disappear, which is playing the Apsen FilmFest. The Aspen Times reports that the film is scheduled to play 20 more festivals.

Finally, Robin Leach reports in his latest Las Vegas Sun column that the International Magicians Society has awarded a Merlin to Boran Yu, who adds magic to the Palazzo’s Panda. Congratulations!