Growing up in St. Louis, I have always known that Anheuser-Busch had an official corporate magician. I have even camped out in a projection booth to watch him perform when a division of the company rented out one of the theaters I ran for a sales meeting! I am not sure if I saw Rick Gerber (it was twenty years ago), but he is the current magician working for AB-Inbev. The video above features him working in China for the brewing giant.

Dynamo’s final season of Magician Impossible kicks off tonight. Anyone else wonder if he just wants to get the levitating over The Strand episode aired and put in the past?

Canada’s Town Crier featured a chat with James Randi, again to promote An Honest Liar. This time, the focus is his childhood in Toronto. ran an interesting article yesterday by Rachel Shteir about Houdini, his popularity and decrying the fact that his secrets are still be kept. You can read it here. Personally, I was not sure exactly what to take away from it. Actually, to be honest I am kind of sick of people demanding to know the secrets of magic. I have always found that the secrets are readily available to anyone willing to take the time to learn them!

Pete Firman is on tour and fans may want to check out a brief interview with him from yesterday’s Manchester Evening News.

Finally, congratulations to David and Leeman, Mike Super and Mat Franco for making the America’s Got Talent Top Twelve.