Jose Ahonen (above) is back doing magic for dogs, this time seeing how they react to a levitating wiener. That is a sentence I honestly never thought I would have to type.

This week it looks like there are two books being offered by the Conjuring Arts Research Center Summer Reading Club, well, at least kind of… There are two editions of Edwin Sachs’ Sleight Of Hand. What is the difference? Plenty, since the second edition is about 200 pages longer than the first! These late 19th century books are the texts that launched a thousand careers and you can get your free, high quality PDF downloads here until Sunday (after that they will still be offered, but not for free).

Albany’s Times Union reported on the death of musician, magician and WWII veteran Richarrd Marowitz last Friday. He was an Army scout and among the troops that liberated Dachau. You can read more of his incredible life here.

Finally, we are trying to keep up with the international conventions a little better here at iTricks. We just heard of this one in Brazil at the end of the month (August 29 – 31). We could probably fill you in a little better if we read Portuguese… Still, from the website the line up looks great!

  • HAL

    Don’t we all at times have a “Levitating Weiner”? Is Viagara a magic method?

  • Hebert

    Hello Michael, my name is Hebert, and I’m the chairman of Brazil National Convention of magicians in Oz. We did this ad in english. I have a release in english too, can I send it? What email adress? Thank you!!!

  • Michael Lauck

    Feel free to send me more info at brownbagmagic AT I will remond everyone about your convention tomorrow, too!