How much magic is on American TV right now? So much that we have an all TV themed Magic Bulletin today (and bumped some TV mini-series Houdini news into another post)!

Mike Super was eliminated from America’s Got Talent when the judges picked an acrobatic dance squad over him. Thanks to each judge getting to bring back an act, though, Super returns to the competition tonight. According to Super’s hometown paper the Observer-Reporter, Super owes his chance at redemption to Howie Mandel. Super will be on tonight’s episode along with magic duo David and Leeman. Next week will include Mat Franco and Smoothini.

Vegas News is reporting that Murray and Rob Anderson (above, getting attacked by a shark) will be among the contestants on tonight’s episode of Wizard Wars on SyFy. Be sure to watch and cheer on the two former iTricks Magic Week in Review guests.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website has a feature on Rick Smith Jr, magician and card thrower, and his pocking appearance on Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He will be on the September 10th episode of the H2 series; check your local listings.