FC Bayern München has a new team bus. That might seem like a big deal, but apparently it is so they brought in a magician to help introduce the bus to the hometown crowd.

According to The Futon Critic, SyFy has a hit on its hands in the form of Wizard Wars. The show pulled in over a million viewers during its premiere episode on Tuesday, and will only add viewers with subsequent re-airings. Congratulations to Rick, Justin, Ellen and the entire Wizard Wars gang!

Speaking of Wizard Wars creator Rick Lax, he had an article about magicians and creativity in the Daily Beast earlier this week provocatively titled Cheap Trick: Most Magicians Are Lazy Hacks>. Rick emailed me and stated “I stand by everything I said in the piece, but I would like iTricks readers to know I didn’t title this piece and I definitely didn’t pick the Henning picture.”

And speaking of Wizard Wars judge Jason Latimer, he is featured in an article from the Del Mar Times about his show Perception: See Beyond The Illusion at the Fleet Science Center in San Diego.

Backstage caught up with Adrien Brody to chat about his upcoming portrayal of Houdini for the History Channel. In the piece Brody reveals that his first love was magic.

Don’t forget the Convenção Nacional de Mágicos em Oz will be held next weekend in Brazil. You can find out more at their website.

  • http://www.horizonmonster.com/ Michael Lauck

    Hey, thanks. Six different football sites talked about the bus, but not the magician. An English Premier League would have identified him…