The Daily Mail website reports that Paul Daniels’ magic career was saved by a six minute operation to reduce his “trigger finger” condition which caused his finger to lock in place. The video above, also from The Daily Mirror, is from a couple of years ago, before he realized something was wrong with his finger.

The fifth book of the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Summer Reading Club has been announced. Houdini’s A Magician Among The Spirits is available as a free, high quality PDF until this Sunday (after that it will be available, but no longer free). Get yours here and be sure to check out the CARC’s download store. It is the perfect way to pass the time until the new History Channel biopic.

Speaking of Houdini, The Herald News website reported on Lucas Wilson’s upside down double straitjacket escape over the weekend at the Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown Festival in Amherst, Nova Scotia and Houdini’s visit to the town over a century ago before making it big. If Lucas Wilson sounds familiar, he holds multiple Guinness World Records for straitjacket escapes.

Here’s a little fact for you magicians doing gambling expert and/or cheat routines: one of the Nevada Gaming Board’s Most Wanted was recently arrested in Pennsylvania. Despite what you may have heard, you really can be arrested for cheating at Vegas casinos! You can read about it on

The Lancashire Evening Post is reporting that Nigel Hardman, the magician who accidentally gave police a flash drive with child pornography, has avoided jail time. It is unclear if he may face additional charges related to online chats with a teenage girl.