First up is a little bit from Harris III before his recent accident. iTricks hopes you are healing and feeling better, Harris!

Toronto based Mark Correia is just over a week into his two week stint in a straitjacket, which will culminate in a live escape attempt on morning television. The stunt is to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and is going well. Mark has figured out how to do many things while bound… but not bathe. If you want the real dirt on the stunt, check out the coverage on Yahoo Canada.

A couple of disturbing stories out of England. First, The Mail Online brings us the story of magician turned would be thief Curtis Watson, who skipped out to Spain after being convicted of attempted robbery. He was finally nabbed and brought back to serve his sentence. The Lancashire Evening Post reports that magician Nigel Hardman was convicted on charges related to child pornography and will be sentenced August 1. He was not initially suspected of a crime; in fact, he was assisting police by providing them with images of a suspected drug deal taken by his home security camera but the flash drive he gave officers contained an indecent image. An investigation turned up dozens of more images.

Finally, to end on a brighter note, the South African Magical Society is hosting its national convention this weekend in Umbilo. The event will include two public shows and you can read more about it on the SAMS website. The group, which was founded almost 100 years ago, holds a national convention every four years.