Earlier this week we ran across a press release announcing that Yong Tian, a Singapore magician, had been invited to bring her Asian Fusion show to the Melbourne Magic Festival, which opens on the 30th and runs to the 4th (that is next Monday through Friday). The show is described as “An exotic potpourri of elegant magic.” Yong Tian is an award winning magician recognized by the Malaysian International Magic Festival earlier this year. We went looking for footage of her to kick off Video Friday and this is all we could find… although we have reason to think she used to perform under the name Adeline Ng and was seen in the M For Magic web series out of Singapore (which we told y’all about way back in January).

The Melbourne Magic Festival will also feature Jay Scott Berry, Dan Sperry and many others. Learn more about it at their website. Learn more about Yong Tian at the Asian Fusion website.