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The video above is from Smarter Everyday and it explains the counter-intuitive properties of Prince Rupert’s Pearls (aka Prince Rupert’s Drops, Dutch Tears or Devil’s Tears). Better yet, it shows how the glass literally explodes thanks to ultra-high speed video. Over the years, smaller versions of these scientific marvels have been popular pocket tricks for magicians. Today, though, they can be difficult to find.

Enter ebay user MikesMagicUSA. He is currently offering a vintage package of a dozen Pearls that are about two inches in length that were marketed by Venture III back in the early 1980s. The Buy It Now price is only $19.99 with free standard shipping. The listing is supposed to run until May 11, but there is a good chance that they will be snapped up before the scheduled end. You can bid here.