Mario the Magician is extremely cool, but I can honestly say I have never been jealous of him… until now. The Rockland County Times is reporting that he is joining the legendary punk rock band The Misfits for a show to benefit efforts to build a skate park in Nyack, New York on May 31. Back when I was pro audio work, I did work for The Misfits, but never got to work directly with them so I am serious. We have brought you video of Mario before, so we figured we’d go with a little horror punk this morning. You’re welcome.

The Shropshire Star is reporting that Uri Geller’s sculpture of a gorilla, made entirely of recycled spoons by Alfie Bradley, is going on display at the Shropshire County Show. If you are saying to yourself “I get the spoons, but why a gorilla?” know that we are wondering the same thing.

Heat Magazine (we are not familiar with it either….) is reporting that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have hired an illusionist to make them magically disappear from the dance floor during their wedding reception. We have been suggesting that weddings are a growth industry for magicians a while now and this could really cause a huge increase in the demand for wedding magicians!

Finally, as if Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t cool enough, it has been announced by CNET that his upcoming “autobiography” will be an homage to Choose Your Own Adventure novels from the 1980s. That is pretty awesome, you have to admit. A mustached NPH is hitting the big screens on May 30th, by the way, in the western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West.