That is Teller above, of course, doing a little cup and ball magic in a short clip recently posted by BBC 5 radio.

Cyril’s new TV show Cyril: Rio Magic is going strong in Asia and the Manila Bulletin caught up with him for an interview that touches on stunts, if he has a favorite trick and whether he will ever name a protege.

Meanwhile, on television here in the United States, James Galea will be visiting Craig Ferguson on The Late, Late Show Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (CBS, check local listings). A little later in the week, David Copperfield will bring magic to the season finale of The Amazing Race on Sunday at 8 Eastern, 7 Central (also on CBS).

India is the largest democracy in the world and its immense population means that voting is split over several days. Voting has finally come to the region which includes PC Sorcar Jr among its candidates so we should know soon if he will be serving in the Lok Sabha.