Chris Cox is a mind reader… who can’t read minds. That doesn’t mean his show is bad, it just means he is more honest than the other mind readers who neglect to mention they can’t really read minds. The video above is from What’ Chris’ll bring his Fatal Distraction show to London’s Udderbelly Festival this Saturday night.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, History is backing up its upcoming Houdini movie with a special entitled Houdini Live, which will feature an escape stunt by Robert Gallup. Exactly what that will be has not been released.

The Times Of Israel recently interviewed 17 year old Daniel Rosenthal, high school junior and founder of Magic Is Medicine. His organization matches magicians with volunteering opportunities in hospitals.

Another magician helping others is having a bit of trouble himself. According to ABC News 13 in Asheville, NC, Ricky Boone, the founder of The Vanishing Wheelchair (a non-profit helping those with disabilities) was a victim of recent flooding. Boone is maintaining his positive attitude, though, and will still present his show this Friday through Sunday at the Asheville Community Center as part of the Weekend of Wonder.