Darcy Oake has posted a video (above) to thank his new legion of fans. While it remains to be seen how far he goes in Britain’s Got Talent, the world wide attention he has received pretty much assures he will have plenty of new opportunities.

As long as we are talking Canadians and magic, The Vancouver Sun ran a story on Vancouver professor and author Steven Galloway’s new novel The Confabulist. It tells the story of the man who admits to killing Harry Houdini… twice. The Confabulist will be released in hardcover and digital editions on Thursday, May 1.

Johan Lorbeer, the German illusionist whose effects inspired Dynamo’s famous levitation next to a double decker bus for Pepsi Max, has been grounded. Lorbeer is planning to perform at the upcoming Edinburgh International Magic Festival but the local council will not issue the permits necessary for his set to be constructed. The magician is afraid of releasing the details of his construction plans, which he fears would reveal the secrets of his effects. The Express has details of the red-tape row.