Victor Fiorillo, of Philadelphia Magazine, broke a story last week about a registered sex offender performing children’s magic shows. He reported that Jeffrey Leach, working under the name Jeff Carson, has been advertising his services as a kids’ show magician. Leach is a registered sex offender who plead guilty to a charge of aggravated sexual contact with a minor in 2009. Fiorillo was able to confirm that Leach has performed for at least one area library and was barred from performing at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences. Prior to publishing the story, “Jeff Carson” was contacted to inquire about performing for a group of 5 to 12 year old children and confirmed his availability (and $250/hour fee).

During the course of his investigation for the story, Fiorillo found that at least one high profile client listed on Jeffrey Leach’s website (as Jeff Carson) claimed to have never used his services. The Jeff Carson website has since been taken down. Authorities in the New Jersey county where Leach resides were notified by the magazine.

In the days since Fiorillo’s Philadelphia Magazine article was released, reporters Emily Babay and Alex Wigglesworth have found that the terms of Leach’s probation do not actually bar him from performing for children. However, his probation is scheduled to end in just a few weeks and he will instead be on parole. When this happens it will come with new terms which may be more restrictive. The pair also uncovered additional names used by Leach when performing and details of his arrests.